Wednesday, 1 October 2014

8. Travelling: India

Heey lovelies!

It’s Caro today, coming up with a post a little bit different! Both Mire and I absolutely looove travelling so we thought we could also post about that.
I decided to write a post about a trip I did this summer that changed my life forever: India.


I was really lucky to have the possibility to spend a month in the South of India and did both travelling and volunteering, so I got to live and see two different aspects of their society: the reality and the touristic bit.

When I first got there I felt like I was dreaming; in fact, I felt that way the whole month. I simply couldn’t believe I was in the country I had always wanted to travel to.
I absolutely fell in love the first day and that feeling just kept on growing day by day. The people are so different: everyone says hello, everyone is nice, kind and so happy all the time. Unbelievable how, having nothing, they are so happy. It certainly changed my point of view in life. You can see people on the streets, barefoot and really skinny but they won’t stop smiling. They would stop you to ask you where you are from, what you are doing there, how are you doing... That is probably the thing that amazed me the most of my trip.

Also, the culture is so interesting from where I see it. Their beliefs are so strong and they are so spiritual. Their gods are everywhere and they live with the thought they have loads of lifes to live, so if they are good in this life, they will get a better one afterwards. I find it really interesting. They also always wish you the best in life, they wish you find your way, a good job, love, health, family... They never judge anyone. They are honest. Once again I’m telling you, everyone I got to meet there were wonderful people.

 Landscapes are simply amazing. Breathtaking. The flag colours, green white and orange, are everywhere. Everywhere you look you can spot these colours: orange sand, green plants and white sky. The temples and architecture are gorgeous, really decorated and with a special atmosphere.

To sum everything up, India is an amazing country, really worth traveling to. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a change, to see different things, to know a different culture... In fact, to scape from the 'conventional' or the 'normal' thing. It makes a big change in your life and in your perspective. 


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  1. This is so cool!! I've always wanted to travel to India (I am quite jealous tbh) Good work with the post, and those pictures.. they are breathtaking! :) x


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