Monday, 23 March 2015

48. Eyebrow care

Hi everyone! 
It's been a while and we know it may sound as an excuse but things got real busy! Hopefully after this hiatus we're back for good! We've got exciting things planned for the blog! 
I don't know about you guys but we're obsessed with eyebrows! We think they frame your face and can change your expression so if we could only use 3 makeup items, an eyebrow gel or pencil would be one of them for sure! 
However, I'm not gonna talk about eyebrow makeup products today because I'm yet to find THE product! I do love Benefit's brow gel but I'm looking for something that gives them a bit more definition so if you've got a holy grail makeup product for brows that exists in blonde shade let me know PLEASE! 
What I wanted to talk to you guys about is a product that's improved my eyebrows' appearance a solid 90%. Back in October I overplucked them to the point where I looked like my eyes were on each side of my face (and I totally thought I looked like an alien lolz). Just then (perfect timing) the lovely Paige at Lilash & Librow contacted us to try out their products. I've been applying Librow religiously every night and just a month later I had my full eyebrows back, just the way I like them. They look thicker and healthier now! You just need to spply it like a brow gel either in the morning or st night and it dries (that's why I prefer applying it at night, because I don't wear makeup) so it's easy peasy!
This is 100% my real opinion and even though I got it sent for free I would never write about something I haven't used myself and like. 
This were my eyebrows back in October:

And this are my eyebrows at the moment: 

You can get LiBrow here:

How have yall guys been? We need to catch up on so many blog posts! Is there something especific you use to take care of your eyebrows?

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