Monday, 13 October 2014

13. Liebster awards

Hi there! 
So we've been nominated for the Liebster awards twice by Cristina and Amelia (thank you girls!). In case you didn't know it consists of 11 questions and it's made to promote blogs with less than 200 followers and we think that's a great idea!
All you have to do is answer the questions, nominate 11 bloggers under 200 followers and make 11 questions!

Here are the questions we've received:
Cristina's questions
1. Why did you start blogging? 
M & C: Because we both love fashion, beauty and writting and we see it as a way of expression so why not share our passion with everyone?
2. Fashion or beauty? 
M: i'd say fashion but they go kinda together for me! 
C: fashion! 
3. Favourite piece of clothing?
M: skinny jeans and masculine shoes
C: playsuits
4. Favourite make-up item? 
M: mascara
C: black eyeliner
5. If you had to choose one shop to buy your clothes for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
M: Urban Outfitters, ASOS or Topshop, can't choose
C: topshop (the question didn't mention anything about being able to afford it right? lol)
6. Concealer or foundation first?
M: always did concealer first but I started doing it the other way around awhile ago and I think I like it better even though I'm getting used to it.
C: concealer
7. Favourite movie? 
M: The Beauty and The Beast
C: Notting Hill
8. Favourite TV show? 
M & C: Friends
9. Style icon? 
M: Pixie Lott and Vanessa Hudgens
C: Vanessa Hudgens
10. Favourite nail polish shade?
M & C: black 
11. If you could choose to live somewhere else, where would you live?
M & C: London 

Amelia's questions:
1. Name the first word that comes to your mind. 
M: serendipity
C: explore
2. Do you have any plans for halloween? 
M: all my friends are away or not going out so even though I love partying on that night I guess I'll spend it eating lots of chestnuts with my whole family! 
C: I'm going to London and probably will go out there, see what happens! :)
3. Which TV Show would you love to take part in? 
M: would probably have been The O.C when it was on or Pretty Little Liars now! 
C: Anything that involves music or fashion!
4. What is your favourite part of Autumn? 
M: you get to wear fluffy jumpers, beanies, boots, watch Halloween movies, drink hot choccies, eat chestnuts.. Oh, and Starbucks' new drinks! 
C: October 8th, my birthday! Also the weather and the colours, it's my favourite season!
5. Current favourite song?
M: Photograph - Ed Sheeran or Champion - Pixie Lott
C: I'm not the only one - Sam Smith
6. Sweet or savoury?
M: savoury and spicy if possible! 
C: savoury
7. Favourite app on your mobile?
M: instagram
C: twitter
8. Who's concert have you never been to and would love to go?
M: lots of them! Ed Sheeran (even though it's happening so soon!), Coldplay, John Mayer, Arctic Monkeys...
C: The 1975, The Strokes, Ben Howard, Coldplay, Jake Bugg.. too many!
9. What was your favourite show as a child?
M: Fresh Prince, Friends and The OC
C: The OC and Friends
10. Summer or Winter?
M: both
C: Winter
11. Is there anything you love about where you live?
M: i absolutely love everything about Barcelona, it's such a dream! 
C: I can say I'm lucky to live in Barcelona I absolutely love the fact that it's full of people from around the world, being able to walk by the sea whenever and of course, the party!

We nominate: 
1. Ariadna 
3. Celia
4. Anna
5. Ramsha
and our questions are:
1. Favourite concert you've ever been to
2. Favourite style of shoes
3. What do you first notice in a boy?
4. favourite city you've ever been to
5. Do you like spicy food? 
6. Celebrity and girl crush
7. Apple or windows?
8. If you could travel anywhere right now where would you go?
9. Beer or cocktails
10. Favourite food
11. Leonardo DiCaprio or David Beckam? 

See you on our next post! Have a lovely week! 


-Caro & Mire


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