Monday, 15 December 2014

45. London haul

Hey beauts! 
It's Mire here today! Long time no post! Sorry about this! I was in London for over a week and Caro was busy with uni so the blog kinda got left aside! I missed you all and I can't wait to get up to date with all your posts! 
Today I'm doing a bit of a haul! I got most of the things I'm gonna show you in London but I got some of them online as well! Let's get started: 

First of all, I got these two pjs in Primark. I'm a big shirt and panties kinda girl when  it's bed time but now it's just getting too cold so I had to get these! And I think they're so cute! 

I got this beanie at Nina Nesbitt's gig. I don't usually like band's merch but I think this beanie's so cute and it came in handy in the London cold! 

I bought this scarf because I needed it but it's fluffy and black so it had to be mine! From Primark as well! 

I'm obsessed with cat eye sunnies! They just add that 50's vibe to any outfit! The first ones are from Mango and the other two from Ebay! 

Metallic A line skirt from River Island.

PVC skort from Boohoo!

Pastel jumper from El Corte Inglés (a Spanish shopping centre).

Chenille cropped jumper from H&M.

Bell-sleeved dress from Boohoo.

Faux fux leopard coat from New Look.

Peep toe booties are Primark's limited edition. 

Metallic loafers from Primark.

Shelly's London shoes.

What have you bought recently that you're obsessed with? 


Friday, 28 November 2014

44. Six ways to style a Little Black Dress

Hey hey lovelies!

It's Caro here today, coming up with a post about fashion! Specially, I wanted to talk about a MUST in my closet: my little black dress. I got it when I was like 15 years old from Stradivarius and I still use it... And Mire can tell you, I literally don't take it off!
So I wanted to share with you 6 differents outfits I wore with the same dress, 'cause I wear it for all kind of occasions and during the whole year!
There you go...

Simple! The dress, tights, and you can't see the shoes but they were my chelsea boots from Office! All black everything as usual but I reckon the dress gives that girly and classy touch! Also, if it's chilly or cold, you just put a black coat on and:

Voilá! The same outfit but more winter-ish!
Another autumn outfit with the same dress is the following:

Just added a camel vintage coat, a more girly tights and high-heel boots, and just looks totally different, doesn't it?

Also, wore this dress to a looooot of parties and nights out:

Both pictures are from the summer as you can see, but also wear it when it's cold, with tights, high heels and a blazer! Perfect for dress up night out ;)

Another outfit from summer but more casual and to wear day to day:

XL bag, kimono, sandals and big sunnies!

As you can see, there are soooo many ways to combine the same piece of clothe so it looks totally different!

Do you have that MUST on your closet you couldn't live without? What is it?

Thank you so muuuch for reading once again, your support really means a lot!
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See you sooon

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

43. STYLE CRUSH: Taylor Swift

Hey hey beauts!
Can't believe we're on the 6th STYLE CRUSH post! Wow! As if!
This week we're talking about Taylor Swift. We ABSOLUTELY adore her. However, we don't usually like her style. We think it's way too classy for such a young girl and that she seems older sometimes. "Why are you making her your #STYLECRUSH today then?" you must be wondering, well, we think she's the absolute queen of the red carpet.
We love her usual sparkly dresses, which are like her thing.

She's also flawless when she wears all black, so smart (actually that high waisted leggings and bralet outfit is one of our faves from her EVER!)

Not to mention she looks absolutely 50's glamorous in long dresses, she reminds us of The Great Gatsby somehow!

Her tall frame looks amazing in two pieces and coords as well!

When it comes to casual ocasions she usually still wears either massive or kitten heels and clasy clothes but when we really really like her is when she goes all british-androginous-casual with hats. Actually I think that the outfit with the kitten loafers is one of her best ones yet! And that bell-sleeved dress... DAMN!

Do you like Miss Swift? What do you think about her style? Do you like it better when she goes classic or more casual?


Sunday, 23 November 2014

42. Urban Outfitters Barcelona opening day

Hello hello honnays!
It's Mire here! Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend and smiling lots!
Thursday was an eventful day for me! Uni in the morning and in the afternoon it was Urban Outfitters opening event in Barcelona (thanks god we have on in our city now!)
I went for a girly makeup look (ask away if you wanna know which products I used or let me know if you'd be interested on a post on it!)

The local was massive! I actually love most of the clothes and shoes and well just everything Ijust wish it was a bit cheaper!

There was free beers and cocktails so as you can imagine we had quite a few hahah

Iworemy new pastel jumper but I thought I'd rock it up a bit eith my black ripped skinnies and leather jacket! What do yall think? (All in black there's our babe Cris -check out her blog, it's fantastic!)

There were quite a few piñatas and you had the possibility to win goodies' bags and 500€ to spend at the store. However, I didn't stay that long!

There was also s transfer tattoo workshop so we obviously had to get some! They were all so hipster (and I didn't really like them) but kinda loved the unicorn one so I went for it!

Afterwards, we rushed over to a gig to see a Spanish band called Dvicio. I don't usually listen to Spanish music but I think theirs is amazing (however, if you don't understand Spanish, they have a few covers in English, and one in Brazilian on their youtube channel: DVICIO OFICIAL) and they're all nice lads!

Somehow we ended up clubbing (which was completely unplanned!) and it was a blast even though we were knackered the next day! 
If you wanna see more pictures from this day (and my everyday actually) go over to my instagram!

What have yall been up to recently? Also, feel free to leave your insta username so we can have a look!



Friday, 21 November 2014

41. Christmas tag

Hello hello! 
So, a few days ago we were nominated to do the Christmas tag by the lovely Liv and since we're very excited for the festive season we thought why not! Here's our answers to the questions provided:

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
M: I'd say The Grinch and ELF but I LOVE Christmas movies! Also, does "Love Actually" count as one? Because then that's my number one! And The Holiday! It's just TOO beautiful!
C: I'd say Love Actually and The Holiday as well! Both of them are one of my fave and I'd count them as Christmas movies ;)

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
M: In the morning!!! I love that magical feeling and nervousness that makes me wake up early! 
C: In the morning as well! When I was little I used to stay up all night, I just couldn't sleep because of the excitement! Ahhhh love that feeling!

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
M: not one in particular but just getting together with all the family makes a whole lotta good memories! 
C: I remember my godfather used to dress up as Santa when I was little for me and my cousins and we loved it! Had so much fun!

4. favourite festive food?
M: Christmas soup (we eat Galets in Catalonia, google it) I always look forward to this! 
C: Yessss same as Mire! Christmas soup is my favourite!

5. Favourite Christmas gift ?
M: don't really have a fave but the ones that have notes on it/are personalized are the best ones for me always! 
C: I got my first guitar when I was 13 and that's my favourite Christmas gift ever, absolutely loved it :)

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
M: ahh just the scent of hot choccies and roasted chestnuts and the cold weather and festivities, I don't know if that makes sense but yeah hahah
C: I love the Christmas tree scent around the house mixed with aromatic candles!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
M: i have dinner with some of my uncles and my cousins and we eat and drink lots and end up singing karaoke and dancing like crazy before going home.
C: Same as M, we get together all the family, uncles, cousins, grandparents.. have dinner, drinks and just enjoy being together!

8. What tops your tree?
M: the same silver super glittery star that did when I was a lil' one! 
C: A gold glittery star, every year it's the same one!

As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
M: I don't really know! I was aware of what I could ask for and not and I'm lucky I used to get most things I did! I used to ask for an actual register machine though and never got it (was such a hard-working girl from a young age!)
C: I aaaaalways asked for a dog, I do still actually haha and neever got it and I never will, guess I will have to wait to have my own house for that!

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
M: having some lay ins (even tho I have to study for my finals which are in January mehh), going shopping with all the Christmas lights on and having Starbucks red cups and most importantly: getting to be with my whole family! Oh, and I absolutely love NYE celebrations! 
C: For me the best part is Christmas eve, getting all together with my family is my favourite part. I just love the tradition and seeing that even though time passes we still stick together no matter what!

We're nominating just whoever loves Christmas and wanna do it! (GO DO IT ERRRRYONE)


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

40. STYLE CRUSH: Ariana Grande

Hello beauts!
Here we are again with our weekly STYLE CRUSH post! Today's a bit of a shocking one. If you know us you'll know we're not Ariana Grande fans AT ALL. Yes, we do jam to her songs, A LOT, but she's just not our favourite person ever.
However, we've been loving some of her outfits lately. She's made such a style transition and we actually bow down to her new stylist. Shes swapped colourful clothes and bows for smarter clothes mainly in monochrome.

She's never off her heels nowadays (how on Earth does she do it?!). We love when she's dressed more casual and wears a crop top/fluffy cropped jumper with high waisted jeans.

Pencil midi skirts are another must in her wardrobe for especial occasions. We think they look fabulous with crop top, lace and fur. Soooo classy yet sexy!

On red carpet events she usually wears either little or midi dresses in block colouts wish court heels.

The thing we love the most about her style is her bags. She's always wearing iconic Chanel backs and we just WANT. THEM. ALL. 
Oh, and her nails always look perfect!

Also been loving her makeup lately. She uses coral-pink eyeshadows, winged eyeliner and kind of a bold lip, which is sweet yet hot at the same time. We'd wear this on a daily basis with a way more natural foundation!

However, we're not keen (in fact we HATE) her white patent knee high boots. We think they look kinda Pretty Woman-ish.
So that's it for today! I hope this post's surprised those who know us!

Do you like Ariana Grande? What do you think of her recent style transition?

Monday, 17 November 2014

39. Starbucks red cups

Hello beauts!
How have yall been this weekend? We got together on Saturday afternoon and finally got to try Starbucks Christmas drinks! We are super excited is that time again with the red cups and stuff! Mire had a gingerbread latte (and is currently obsessing over it) and Caro had a Honey Almond chocolate (well both of them wanna marry the drinks but... Don't think it's possible innit?)
We were well happy that there was also red velvet cake because it's our fave (isn't it everyone's??) but we behaved since we both had had sushi (we'll do a post on sushi rests soon).

The best part, appart from the company was that the barista was the actual cuttest and he drew a smiley on our cups, how lovely! We love that kinda people! All the magic's in the little things! Anyway, our other favourite thing was that we had it at El Maremagnum. It's a shopping centre located in a pier and the view's incredible. It doesn't have all the shops but the H&M there is our fave! And the view at Starbucks is breathtaking! A must-go if you ever visit Barcelona!

Mire was wearing her new Boohoo skort (which she L O V E S!), H&M knee high boots, Forever21 jumper, Mango leather jacket and Zara backpack.

Caro was wearing her beloved H&M playsuit, Pull&Bear shoes, thrifted denim jacket and H&M scarf.

It was very windy, we haven't planned taking pics and we had been out for the whole day so we apologize for our faces/hairs/outfits!

What have you been up to this weekend??


Sunday, 16 November 2014

38. Sisterhood of the World tag

Hello there!

We're doing the sisterhood of the world tag today, we've been tagged by the lovely Casey Lauren whose blog you should all follow (link is on her name). Thanks lovely!

The Rules:
-Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
-Put the award logo on your blog
-Answer the ten questions that have been set you
-Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
-Nominate ten people

The questions are:
1. What is your all time favourite beauty product?
M: woah! Such a tough one! I'd say my EOS balm or a moisturizer! 
C: I'd say lip gloss or lipbalm!

2. If you were to shop at only one store for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?
M: probably ASOS, because they have the lattest trends from many different brands and stock up everyday! 
C: probably H&M, never disappoints!

3. What is your favourite way to style your hair?
M: definitely wavy with volume or if I want something more made up a milky braid. 
C: I never do special things to my hair just dry it and let it take its shape!

4. A new product you're loving recently? (it can be anything!)
M: my Effaclar duo! Been having some break outs lately and this is helping me lots! 
C: My new pinky lip gloss from HM! I wear it everyday and I think it looks cute and it gives a baby touch to my normal grunge style!

5. Favourite nail varnish brand?
M: Kiko or Essie
C: Same as my girl! Kiko or Essie are the BEST!

6. What's your favourite make up brush to use for foundation?
M: Real Techniques foundation big brush even tho I think sanitized hands work perfect with some foundations.
C: I always use my hands! hahah

7. 3 beauty must haves?
M: a good mascara, concealer and moisturizer. 
C: concealer, mascara and nude eye shadow!

8. Would you rather go out on the town, or have a quiet night in?
M: I usually rather go out and have a massive partay until the sun comes out but I've been so tired lately I just wanted to stay home and be lazy. 
C: Go out on the town without any doubt!! But I also love quiet night in just watching movies, doing shisha, doing my nails and stuff!

9. What do you use to take your make-up off at the end of the day?
M: La Roche-Posay micelar water! 
C: Bioderma micelar water or just normal facial wipes, I find them sooo useful and easy, specially when you get home after a night out and you just want to get into bed!

10. Your favourite Christmas film?
M: tough one as well! I'd say either the Grinch or Elf! But Love Actually and The Holiday if we're counting them as Christmas films!
C: Love Actually!

The questions for our nominees are the same ones we answered!


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