Thursday, 17 December 2015

49. Christmas wishlist

Hello everyone!
I know it's been literally AGES, I can't even excuse myself I can only say how sorry I am for not uploading a post in forever! Hopefully this time I'll be back for good! I'm gonna try to make time for blogging, at least once a week because I miss this and I miss everyone!
Anywaaaaaaaay, I didn't quite know which post come back with so figured out being (almost) Christmas time (the most beautiful time of the year!) I'd write a Christmas wishlist! So here it is:

As some of you may know, I love the 60's and its fashion, so I'm quite obsessed with this kinda booties. I love a velvet pair and a leopard pair both from H&M but thought these are like the basics.

Ever since Kat Von D cosmetics were available in Spain I've been lusting after them, especially after this foundation. With its high coverage, matte finish and long duration on, I think its ideal for nights out!

I'm obsessed with strobbing and I've been looking for this like crazy lately but it's sold out everywhere in Barcelona! I just think it gives such a gorgeous glow and it has a great staying power (I used my friend's once!).

I want a pair of grey jeans and I know these are more on the black side but I just love how high-waisted they are and the holes in the knees and how they fit!

Of course this has to be on my list! I love them, especially Dolce K and Candy K! They're sold out though and I find them quite expensive so I'd gladly accept the Colour pop ones they've got the dupes (apparently) from! They're way cheaper too! You can find them here, here and here.

6. Last one's a cheeky one but I've been hoping I'd found Harry Styles under my Christmas tree for like 5 years now, so maybe, now they're on a break he's got time to sneak under it... A girl can dream, right?

What have you all been up to during all this time? What's on your Christmas wishlist?

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Lots of love,



Monday, 23 March 2015

48. Eyebrow care

Hi everyone! 
It's been a while and we know it may sound as an excuse but things got real busy! Hopefully after this hiatus we're back for good! We've got exciting things planned for the blog! 
I don't know about you guys but we're obsessed with eyebrows! We think they frame your face and can change your expression so if we could only use 3 makeup items, an eyebrow gel or pencil would be one of them for sure! 
However, I'm not gonna talk about eyebrow makeup products today because I'm yet to find THE product! I do love Benefit's brow gel but I'm looking for something that gives them a bit more definition so if you've got a holy grail makeup product for brows that exists in blonde shade let me know PLEASE! 
What I wanted to talk to you guys about is a product that's improved my eyebrows' appearance a solid 90%. Back in October I overplucked them to the point where I looked like my eyes were on each side of my face (and I totally thought I looked like an alien lolz). Just then (perfect timing) the lovely Paige at Lilash & Librow contacted us to try out their products. I've been applying Librow religiously every night and just a month later I had my full eyebrows back, just the way I like them. They look thicker and healthier now! You just need to spply it like a brow gel either in the morning or st night and it dries (that's why I prefer applying it at night, because I don't wear makeup) so it's easy peasy!
This is 100% my real opinion and even though I got it sent for free I would never write about something I haven't used myself and like. 
This were my eyebrows back in October:

And this are my eyebrows at the moment: 

You can get LiBrow here:

How have yall guys been? We need to catch up on so many blog posts! Is there something especific you use to take care of your eyebrows?

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Friday, 23 January 2015

47. My everyday makeup routine

Hello everyone! 
How are you all? We both have finished our exams, Caro's having some deserved off time in London and I've been in bed with tonsilitis since I finished them, great innit? I've been meaning to write this post for ages but I couldn't even bring myself to think or edit or just anything apart from sleeping. I'm sorry!
However, here I am. This is a post I've been asked to write a few times so here it is: my everyday makeup routine! In this post I'm gonna explain you what I usually use on my face! (I'll do a tutorial too eventually and a post on lips' care among others.)
To start with, after washing and moisturizing my face I:

1. Apply primer all over my face
I use the Instablur from The Body Shop as it's just the best one I've tried. Amazing quality-price relation and the tube lastes me ages. It helps my pores disappear and my makeup stay on all day. I apply it with my fingers in circular motions.

2. Apply my foundation
I am currently mixing up my Rimmel Lastin finish in the colour 010 Light Porcelain as it's extremely light for me, with my L'Oreal Accord Perfect in Honey. I get my exact colour with them both. I apply it with a foundation brush.

3. Apply my concealer
I'm using Maybelline's Eraser in Light as it covers my dark eyes perfectly and doesn't crease. I also use it under my cheekbones. I use my beauty blender to blend it in. Applying concealer after foundation helps me get a more natural look and make sure my foundation stays in place.

4. Apply eyeshadow primer
I use Benefit's Lemon Aid to even out my eyelid tone. I apply it with a small brush that came in the set with the lemon aid.

5. Apply loose powder
Now I've got a flawless-looking face I want it to last all day! For that I use my reliable Rimmel's Stay Matte powder in 005 Silky Beige. I apply it with a big powder brush all over my face in small taps as I want my foundation to stay on my face, not brush.

6. Face contour
Contour is one of the most important things in makeup for me. I use Sleek's face form palette in Medium. However, I only use the contour powder from there as the bronzer's too shimmery and I find the highlighter too subtle. I apply the contour powder on my cheekbones and my jawline with a contour brush. Righ after that I use my Kiko bronzer powder in 104 (it's matte) as a blush to not make the contour line too obvious and gime me a healthy colour. However, I do use a pink blush sometimes instead of the bronzer if I'm going for a girly look.

7. Eyebrows
Eyebrows. Are. Hella. Important. They frame our face and give us character. I love big brows, however, I'm not saying everyone should have them bushy brows out but let's face it, a natural brow is more attractive than the over-plucked ones we wore back in the day! I have naturally bushy brows, I trim and pluck them myself and I like using Essence's eyebrow designer in blonde to perfect them. However' I won't be repurchasing this as it's a bit darker than my actual brows and I find it quite harder to apply as it isn't too smooth.

8. Eyeshadow
If I have time I like to apply some eyeshadow.I love this Makeup Revolution palette I got a few months ago. It's just so cheap and pigmented and all the colours in it are gorgeous. I usually apply "Now it's only me" on my lid and mark my crease with "Take a chance" and "Million dollar contract" as I'm love pink eyeshadows on brown eyes and I think they're very feminine.

9. Mascara
I am a mascara junkie, I like trying out different ones but I'm currently using L'Oreal Miss Manga again as I love it. I apply it on a zig zag motion from my eyelashes' roots to the ends.

10. Fake eyelashes
Now I don't always do that, basically I don't do it if I'm in a rush but I like applying them if I have time as they make me feel a million times prettier (well as pretty as I can get hahah). My favourite ones are Ardell's Demi Wispies. They're really natural looking and their band is invisible instead of black so you don't even need to apply eyeliner to not make it too obvious you're wearing them. 

11. Lip liner
To end up with, also if I have time, otherwise I'll just put on some lipbalm and get going, I'll apply some lipliner. I love using lipliners as they give my lips that matte look but don't dry them out. I am currently loving NYX's Natural and Rimmel's Tiramisu. They both make my lips look plum but natural. (and they're super cheap!!!)

So that's it! If you've got any question on how I apply any of this just ask away! 

What do you usually apply on your face?

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Lots of love,


Sunday, 11 January 2015

46. Current obsessions

Hi everyone!
Long time, no post! We missed blogging and you all! First of all, we wanted to wish you all our fellow bloggers A HAPPY NEW YEAR FILLED WITH LOTS OF HAPPINESS, LOVE AND HEALTH! Now the new year's started we're gonna get back to blogging! We're still busy with exams but we'll get back to blogging routine soon!
How's the festivities been? Hope you all had a lovely time!
I'm gonna tell you what I'm obsessed with at the moment:

1. Music
We've been obsessed with so many songs lately but these are our favourite ones:
-Vance Joy- Riptide
-Taylor Swift- Wonderland
-Sam Hunt- Leave the night on
-Hozier- Take me to church

2. Dr. Lipp nipple balm
This is literally the BESTEST lipbalm ever!!!!! I still use EOS lipbalms on a daily basis but I'm now using this lipbalm and it's so hydrating I don't even need to reapply once! Oh, and it isn't sticky!

3. "Before I go to sleep" by S. J. Watson
I read this book like two years ago and I loved it! I've been thinking about it lots lately and I just think it's amazing and a must read if you like thrillers! I was so hooked up!

4. Fluffy everything
I love everything fluffy! From clutches to hair scrunchies and jumpers! 

5. The Originals
I used to watch The Vampire Diaries and then The Originals but the first one got boring in my opinion so I stopped watching it... And did the same with the latter for some reason! I've restarted watching it during the holidays and I'm SO HOOKED!!!!! I mean Joseph Morgan!!!!!!! Daniel Sharman!!!!!! Their accents!!!!!!!!

6. Daniel Sharman
Of course there had to be a man in this list! I was obsessed with him because of Teen Wolf but his british accent and sassiness in The Originals has just made me love him even more!

7. Candles
I've always loved candles but winter makes me wanna lit candles 24/7! I love vanilla, cinnamon and sweet-scented ones!

8. Demi wispies by Ardell false lashes
I love looooong lashes (don't we all!?) and these are my all time favourite ones! They look natural as the band is transparent and they're a bit longer on the ends which looks very femenine on!

9. Magnitone Lucid by Pixie Lott
My skin has just improved a whole lot since I started using it! I had a skin care routine before but this is just one minute and I barely get spots!

10. Lush Snowfairy shower gel
What can I say? That is my favourite shower gel EVERRRRRRR! I'm just so sad it's a Christmas limited edition so I try to stock up every year!

So this is about it! Sorry for the lack of pictures, this is just a quick post to keep this active!
So what are you obsessed with at the moment?! What are your favourite candles?

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Lots of love,


Monday, 15 December 2014

45. London haul

Hey beauts! 
It's Mire here today! Long time no post! Sorry about this! I was in London for over a week and Caro was busy with uni so the blog kinda got left aside! I missed you all and I can't wait to get up to date with all your posts! 
Today I'm doing a bit of a haul! I got most of the things I'm gonna show you in London but I got some of them online as well! Let's get started: 

First of all, I got these two pjs in Primark. I'm a big shirt and panties kinda girl when  it's bed time but now it's just getting too cold so I had to get these! And I think they're so cute! 

I got this beanie at Nina Nesbitt's gig. I don't usually like band's merch but I think this beanie's so cute and it came in handy in the London cold! 

I bought this scarf because I needed it but it's fluffy and black so it had to be mine! From Primark as well! 

I'm obsessed with cat eye sunnies! They just add that 50's vibe to any outfit! The first ones are from Mango and the other two from Ebay! 

Metallic A line skirt from River Island.

PVC skort from Boohoo!

Pastel jumper from El Corte Inglés (a Spanish shopping centre).

Chenille cropped jumper from H&M.

Bell-sleeved dress from Boohoo.

Faux fux leopard coat from New Look.

Peep toe booties are Primark's limited edition. 

Metallic loafers from Primark.

Shelly's London shoes.

What have you bought recently that you're obsessed with? 


Friday, 28 November 2014

44. Six ways to style a Little Black Dress

Hey hey lovelies!

It's Caro here today, coming up with a post about fashion! Specially, I wanted to talk about a MUST in my closet: my little black dress. I got it when I was like 15 years old from Stradivarius and I still use it... And Mire can tell you, I literally don't take it off!
So I wanted to share with you 6 differents outfits I wore with the same dress, 'cause I wear it for all kind of occasions and during the whole year!
There you go...

Simple! The dress, tights, and you can't see the shoes but they were my chelsea boots from Office! All black everything as usual but I reckon the dress gives that girly and classy touch! Also, if it's chilly or cold, you just put a black coat on and:

Voilá! The same outfit but more winter-ish!
Another autumn outfit with the same dress is the following:

Just added a camel vintage coat, a more girly tights and high-heel boots, and just looks totally different, doesn't it?

Also, wore this dress to a looooot of parties and nights out:

Both pictures are from the summer as you can see, but also wear it when it's cold, with tights, high heels and a blazer! Perfect for dress up night out ;)

Another outfit from summer but more casual and to wear day to day:

XL bag, kimono, sandals and big sunnies!

As you can see, there are soooo many ways to combine the same piece of clothe so it looks totally different!

Do you have that MUST on your closet you couldn't live without? What is it?

Thank you so muuuch for reading once again, your support really means a lot!
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See you sooon

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

43. STYLE CRUSH: Taylor Swift

Hey hey beauts!
Can't believe we're on the 6th STYLE CRUSH post! Wow! As if!
This week we're talking about Taylor Swift. We ABSOLUTELY adore her. However, we don't usually like her style. We think it's way too classy for such a young girl and that she seems older sometimes. "Why are you making her your #STYLECRUSH today then?" you must be wondering, well, we think she's the absolute queen of the red carpet.
We love her usual sparkly dresses, which are like her thing.

She's also flawless when she wears all black, so smart (actually that high waisted leggings and bralet outfit is one of our faves from her EVER!)

Not to mention she looks absolutely 50's glamorous in long dresses, she reminds us of The Great Gatsby somehow!

Her tall frame looks amazing in two pieces and coords as well!

When it comes to casual ocasions she usually still wears either massive or kitten heels and clasy clothes but when we really really like her is when she goes all british-androginous-casual with hats. Actually I think that the outfit with the kitten loafers is one of her best ones yet! And that bell-sleeved dress... DAMN!

Do you like Miss Swift? What do you think about her style? Do you like it better when she goes classic or more casual?