Friday, 31 October 2014

27. Skin care routine (combination skin)

Hey everyone! 
It's Mire here! Haven't done a beauty post in quite a while so thought I'd do one about my skin care routine. 
I use La Roche-Posay products as they're perfect for sensitive skin yet have a large range of products for oily to dry skin.
I've got combination skin so tend to have a bit of shine on my forehead and breakdowns on my cheekbones and chin occasionally.
So, to start of with I use a micellar cleanser which works wonders for me. You just need a cotton bud which is perfect because I don't like putting water on my face during the winter. It's gentle with my skin and leaves it feeling super clean. It takes off my make up and any nasty stuff that gets on it during the day.

To continue with I use a moisturizer. If I'm having bad breakdowns I'll use Effaclar Duo. I've read lots of people saying it dries out their skin really badly, but to be honest I just use it in localized spots. It promises fading away redness and scarring and it sure as hell does. You have to be constant and apply it daily dor great results.

To end up with I apply moisturizer on the rest of my face or on it all if I haven't used Effaclar Duo. It leaves my skin hydrated but matte as it doesn't contain oils and it's got more like a sorbet texture. 

It came with the Effaclar two weeks treatment which consists of a facial cleanser and the moisturizer. I've been using them both for a week and I love them! 

Last but not least, I apply Cicaplast on a few scars I got in my neck. They're burns from my hair curler and looked horrible, but they're fading away and almost disappeared at this point. 
(Sorry for the picture, I know the package is nasty, but I've had it for a long time and yeah it just sort of happened!) 

What are your favourite skin care products? 



Wednesday, 29 October 2014

26. What's in my bag?

Hello everyone! 
It's Mire today, as Caro just left for London so I'll be taking care of the blog this week! Hopefully I'll have this up to date! 
Today I'm bringing you one of my favourite kinda posts, because I'm noisy. As the tittle says I'll be showing you what's in my bag on a regular basis.
Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I took them on the train back from Madrid and my computer's being fixed at the moment so there's that.

My bag, which is in the first picture, is fron Zara and costs around 35€.

Now onto the important stuff!

1. I always carry a water bottle. ALWAYS! It's important to keep yourself hydrated and I'm always thirsty so I drink quite a lot!

2. I always carry a healthy snack, whether it's and apple, some raw nuts or rice crackers.

3. I cannot live without my phone (oh that 20th century!) so I always carry my phone charger with me! 

4. I love my EOS lipbalm and this time of the year my lips get really dry so it's a must for me.

5. Breath soray: this is one of those random items, I have just used it once since I bought it at Primark in Birmingham by the end of the summer, but you never know when you may need it! 

6. I'm always on the go so I like having a toothbrush and toothpast with me! This one's perfect as it's really tiny! 

7. My new Mango sunnies which I'll show you in a haul soon. And they came with a beaut case! 

8. My purse: it diesn't need an explanation, does it? 

9. Being someone who has migraines I meed to carry Ibuprofene everywhere just in case.

10. My coins' purse: I always have like a million coins so I can't fit them all in my other purse.

11. My keys: I only have teo keys and like four keyrings but I love them! 

12. Bodymist: this one's from Bath & Body works but I just carry whichever I'm using at the moment.

I usually carry my planner and my ipod and earphones but the latter is broken and I didn't take my planner for my weekend getaway.

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What's the most important iten you carry in your bag, any random one? 



Tuesday, 28 October 2014

25. STYLE CRUSH: Nina Nesbitt

Hi there!

We're back with another style crush! This time is the lovely half British half Sweddish folk singer-songwritter Nina Nesbitt. 

Her style is very 90's and grungey. She loves Dr Martens, chunky boots, lennon or cat-eye sunglasses, mesh jumpers and shorts. She's also obsessed with her thigh high boots and loves wearing black. 

These are some of our favourite outfits of her:

Ahe also lovea mom jeans and vintage either leather, suede or denim jackets. She likes to glam up wearing lace and vamp lips.

You can check out her music on:

What do you think of her style? Are you a fan? 



Monday, 27 October 2014

24. Walk around Madrid

Hey everyonee! 
It's both of us here! This weekend we've been in Madrid visiting some friends. We also went to The Vamps & Union J concert! Had a blast!
We're currently sitting on the train back to Barcelona and we thought we'd show you the outfits we were wearing on Saturday! 
Woke up with a hangover, had lunch and then walked around Madrid before going to the gig.. And this is what we wore:

Mire was wearing H&M tshirt, Forever 21 tartan leggins, H&M knee-high boots, Zara backpack and vintage market sunnies!

Caro was wearing everything H&M except for the cardigan (Bershka). The sunnies from Tiger and dark red scrunchie from Claire's

And here's a few pictures of the concert! We love The Vamps and they were amazing as always! It was the first time we saw Union J and we absolutely loved them! They are all a bunch of babies!!

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Once again thank you all for reading and for your lovely comments! We really appreciate it!
See you sooon :)


- M & C.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

23. Surya: Indian Street food restaurant

Hi there!

So a few days ago I had lunch at Surya located in: 

It is a street indian food restaurant and I was very pleased with it as the price was affordable and it wasn't disappointing at all! 

I loved the decoration as there was a typical indian bus and all! 

It was also a pretty cozy place! Even the menus were typed into hindu typography and the cocktails one was in a bottle! How original! 

We shared entrants because obviously none of us could choose what we wanted! We ended up having pakoras, samosas and hummus with naan! It was all handmade and you could really notice, absolutely delicious! I didn't even have time to snap some shots so you can imagine just how good it was! 

My main plate was a Tikka chicken wrap in chilli naan. I have to say it wasn't spicy at all but it was really nice and tasty and the chips were homemade! It certainly reminded me somehow of my beloved (and missed) Nando's! It's always good to have an alternative in your own city!

At this point I was absolutely full but I'd been dreaming about one of their desserts for days so I just had to! I had naan with nutella and banana, what can I say, it was not disappointing in the slightest!

If you like indian food and pretty restaurants you cannot miss visiting this one! (And let me know what you think of it!) 

Are you a fan of indian food? What are your favourite restaurants? 



Saturday, 25 October 2014

22. How to fight a hangover

Hey beauts!

We thought as it's Saturday we'd give you the ultimate tips to avoid/fight it if you like to have a few when you're out!

1. Don't drink with an empty stomach
Not this might sound like a myth but every time we drunk without having eaten previously we've got sick. Try not to start drinking by the time you start eating but half an hour after or so. Also, it's preferable to have lighter meals rather than carbs, but make sure you've eaten enough.

2. Don't mix alcoholic beverages!
We're not talking mixing them all in the same glass (or maison jar if you're a cool cat), we mean drinking different kinds of alcohol throughout the night. For example, if you're gonna have beers, you can have some cocktails yes, but just don't mix gin with vodka with whisky, etc. You'll get sick and your night will probably get ruined and you'll have a horrible hangover the next day.

3. Drink as much water as you can when you get home
Hangovers are a dehydratation of the way, that means we need to drink as much water as possible before getting into bed. 

4. Have a pain killer
We like having an ibuprofene before getting into bed even if we've had tons of water just to prevent possible hangovers.

5. Never get into bed drunk
There's times when you get home earlier than expected or when you start drinking later than usual so you're still intoxicated when you get home. Try not going to bes then, have a cold shower, a walk around the flat, something to eat... We're all dying to get into bed but we're most probably gonna wake up feeling like hell if we get into bed drunk.

However, if you've forgotten doing all of the above you can still fight the hangover! 
We like having water with lemon as we wake up (as we do every day) and a big breakfast. If you're feeling too rough then have a pain killer. Then we recommend eating lots of fruits are they have a high percentage of water and will help with brain dehydratation. Last but not least have a cold shower and you're ready to get on with the day!

Please note none of us are doctors not experts, this is just the way we do it. We hope you found the post useful!

How do you usually avoid hangovers? 


Friday, 24 October 2014

21. Autumn tag

Hi everyone!

We're currently on our train to Madrid to spend the weekend so we thought it'd be cool to upload a quick post. We found this cute tag on Ellie's blog and decided to do it!

1.  Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?
M: it's definitely the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks! So addicted! 
C: Chai tea latte, love it always!!

2.  Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?
M: mainly chunky boots and tartan scarf! Oh and hats, of course! 
C: aaalways a scarf and platform shoes!

3.  Music - what's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
M: I don't know, probably Ed Sheeran! His music makes me wanna snuggle up in a blanket and cuddle! 
C: Taylor Swift probably! I find autumn quite romantic so Taylor Swift music has to be the perfect choice :)

4.  Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?
M: I go for stronger scents than in the summer so I'd say right now it's J'adore by Dior.
C: Definitely Black XS by Paco Rabanne!

5.  Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?
M: Definitely vanilla (as usual!) and apples! 
C: Cinamon! 

6.  What do you love most about Autumn?
M: all the colours from the leaves, chestnuts and Halloween! It's just a really beautiful season! 
C: same as Mire here! Really love the colours and the weather, not too cold! Sweater weather!

7.  Favourite makeup look?
M: I love vampy lips the whole year around but I wear them basically everyday this season and I also love brown smokey eyes.
C: Black smokey eyes and nude lips! Sometimes dark lips are the perfect choice as  well though, depends on my mood!

8.  What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?
M: fall fashion and all of the concerts I'm going to! 
C: concerts and trips to Madrid which is happening this weekend and London next week!! :)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

20. Birthday presents

Hey everyoneee!
It's Caro here! A few weeks ago it was my 21st birthday and I got some lovely presents i want to share with you all!
Here they are:

Been wanting this perfume (Black XS by Paco Rabanne) for a looong time, I absolutely love it, it's really sweet and the scent lasts a long time on the skin, just the way I like it!

I got this present a long time ago, just before my trip to India. Really useful and helped me a lot through my month there! Absolutely love Lonely Planet travelbooks!

This has become my favourite jumper on my closet. it's from H&M and it's slightly oversized and really comfy, can't wait for it to be cold so I can wear it!

This bag is absolutely perfect and guess what? It's handmade! Perfect size to go out at night and the jewellry on it is a unique piece! It's from a new brand that's starting now in Barcelona. You can find their bags in little shops: MobileBach.

I got this three lovely bracelets from 3 different people and they combine perfectly! I wear bracelets mostly during the summer but I reckon those 3 are perfect to wear during the whole year! Absolutely in love!

I'm quite obsessed with this colour and I was really happy when I got this scarf! It's super soft and quite long as well, so you can wear it many different ways! From Natura, a Spanish shop.

This album is really cool! It's made to put your pictures and little notes about different places you travel to so it's perfect for me! From Mr. Wonderful (check their instagram, they have really cool stuff!)

This dress I wore in previous posts is amazing! It was love at first sight when I saw it in Stradivarius and my girls got it for me! Won't stop wearing it for sure!

I know, I know... They are PERFECT! Not only are they two crop tops with the logo of two of my favourite bands ever, but also they combine perfectly with a pair of mom jeans! My sister Mire knows me soo well! From Etsy :)

This fake septum ring I'm wearing is from La Moda UK and it's lovely! I'm dying to get my nose pierced and this one is really cool with that indian touch! So in love!

Dark red lipstick from Rimmel London (Nº128- starry eyed) which has become my favourite! 

Hell yes! I'm going to London next week for 5 days, can't wait to see all my babes there!

Okay guys that's it! I really hope you enjoyed the post! I feel really lucky, love everything I got for my birthday! 
Thank you so much for reading and see you soon!