Saturday, 25 October 2014

22. How to fight a hangover

Hey beauts!

We thought as it's Saturday we'd give you the ultimate tips to avoid/fight it if you like to have a few when you're out!

1. Don't drink with an empty stomach
Not this might sound like a myth but every time we drunk without having eaten previously we've got sick. Try not to start drinking by the time you start eating but half an hour after or so. Also, it's preferable to have lighter meals rather than carbs, but make sure you've eaten enough.

2. Don't mix alcoholic beverages!
We're not talking mixing them all in the same glass (or maison jar if you're a cool cat), we mean drinking different kinds of alcohol throughout the night. For example, if you're gonna have beers, you can have some cocktails yes, but just don't mix gin with vodka with whisky, etc. You'll get sick and your night will probably get ruined and you'll have a horrible hangover the next day.

3. Drink as much water as you can when you get home
Hangovers are a dehydratation of the way, that means we need to drink as much water as possible before getting into bed. 

4. Have a pain killer
We like having an ibuprofene before getting into bed even if we've had tons of water just to prevent possible hangovers.

5. Never get into bed drunk
There's times when you get home earlier than expected or when you start drinking later than usual so you're still intoxicated when you get home. Try not going to bes then, have a cold shower, a walk around the flat, something to eat... We're all dying to get into bed but we're most probably gonna wake up feeling like hell if we get into bed drunk.

However, if you've forgotten doing all of the above you can still fight the hangover! 
We like having water with lemon as we wake up (as we do every day) and a big breakfast. If you're feeling too rough then have a pain killer. Then we recommend eating lots of fruits are they have a high percentage of water and will help with brain dehydratation. Last but not least have a cold shower and you're ready to get on with the day!

Please note none of us are doctors not experts, this is just the way we do it. We hope you found the post useful!

How do you usually avoid hangovers? 



  1. Some good tips! I always mix my never ends well :') I always find a big breakfast can help and getting some fresh air! Xx

    1. we used to mix our drinks quite a lot but now we barely do!
      We agree with you, a bit breakfast kinda seems to absorb the alcohol or something!


  2. I literally do everything you said here haha! bright minds think alike! x

    1. Ahhh always! You know the real deal!


  3. all of the above ooooooooooooooo and greasy food x

    1. Yessss! We actually love a bit of pasta and then lighter drinks like green tea or detox juices!



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