Tuesday, 30 September 2014

7. Mom jeans' lovers

Hi there! 

It was a bank holiday in Barcelona the other day so we went out for some street van food market grub and a concert. We've just started autumn so the weather's got us crazy and we don't know what to wear anymore! However, mom jeans are a must in most outfits because we are O B S E S S E D! 
Anyway, here's our outfits: 

Caro wore a basic H&M crop top, H&M mom jeans, Office creepers amd Zara shirt.
She accesorized with a bindi she brought from Indie, Mac's "media" lipstick, ganesh and ohm necklaces from India, hamsa hand necklace from Turkey, "best bitches" necklace from Etsy and camera necklace from NYC's photography museum.
To finish off the look she wore her beloved totebag from Rough Trade.
She looked fabulous in my opinion! 
I wore H&M bardott crop top, my brother's Quicksilver shirt, Asos mom jeans with busted knees and Stradivarius blutchers. 
I also wore my fedora hat from H&M and Michael Kors bag.
Amd to spice up the look I wore a bindi from India, NYX's London matte lipstixk and Shop Dixi hand harness (and I'm obsessed with it!!)

What do you think of these outfits? Let us know! 
See yall on the next post! Big kissies! 


Sunday, 21 September 2014

6. Flax & kale

Hiiiiiiiii everyone! 

Today's post is something a bit different... We'll be talking about our favourite reataurants, cafes and just appts in general, whether it's in Barcelona or other cities we visit, every once in a while.
I'm introducing you today to "flexitarianism". I know everyone knows what "vegetarianism" or "veganism" is but this term is not that known. I came across it a month ago or so, which is funny because I'm actually a flexitarian. Now you're probably wondering "what the he is that" well it's basically being a flexible vegetarian. Flexitarian people, for example, might cook only vegetarian meals at home, but eat just whatever if they go to someone else's house. Or they might be vegetarian but enjoy products from animal procedence from time to time (that's me). Long atory short: a flexitarian is a vegetarian who eats meat occasionally.
The thing is: I walked past this restaurant in one of my favourite streets of Barcelona and its massive windows and minimal decoration caught my eye straight away. So I did some research and found out all about flexitarianism, their menu and that the owners are the same ones as Teresa Carles' (one of the best and most famous veggie restaurants in Barcelona).

Appart from being a restaurant, they also sell cold-pressed juices (which are so on trend in the U.S. but barely starting to be known around here). I tried them first the other day and, oh god, I did have a hard time choosing which one I was gonna have. They're all plant-based, raw and organic, sugar-free, made out of first quality products and have amazing names. Appart from the cold-pressed juices there's also cold-pressed purees and milkshakes (which, by the way, are all dairy free, they only use their plant-based milks they make daily). After awhile I decided on a green cold-pressed juice called "Green love" and it was delicious. 

I drank it as an afternoon snack on a day I got home from work pretty late and I was soooo full! 
After such a positive experience I came back yesterday to have breakfast. I was really excited to try the açai bowl, so I did and I wasn't disappointed at all. It tasted delicious, and it got me super full but feeling good and healthy. I decided to have a dairy-free milkshake as well (its main ingredientes were raw cocoa, cashews, vanilla and coconut milk) and it was just as delicious as it sounds. 

My brother got Benedict eggs which looked amazing. Unfortunately I can't tell how they tasted as I don't like eggs but he aays they were incredible. He also had a coconut chai milkshake (which as its name says had coconut, coconut milk and all of the spices chai tea has). I did try his drink and it was a 10/10. 

After walking (A LOT!! I looooove walking!) arpund the city the whole morning we came back there for lunch. Unlike at breakfast time it was absolutely packed so we had to wait for 10 minutes before getting a table. Totally worth the wait may I say.
I had a red quinoa salad with asparagus and some other veggies for starter. 

My main course consisted on zuchini flowers (which I didn't even know existed let alone they were edible!) filled with veggies.

To drink I had a homemade beer with lemonade (ayyyy gotta love beer!).
For dessert me and my brother got a chocolate chia pudding with strawberries and blueberries.

It was all absolutely delicious! You know when you have breakfast and lunch you usually go home feeling like shit because you've indulged a lot? Well that didn't happen yesterday because it was all so effing healthy. 
Just to add up the staff are all so lovely and nice.
I totally recommend this place if you're a healthy-food junky or just enjoy quality food. The prices range from 6 to 16€ for course but it's absolutely worth it because the quality is top and ayyy you gotta treat yourself every once in a while! 
It's located in c/ Tallers, next to Plaza Catalunya so either you live in the city pr are just on holidays it's an interesting spot to visit.
This is their website in case you want to check the menu out: http://www.teresacarles.com

Hope you enjoyed this gastronomic post, see you soon! 



Saturday, 13 September 2014

5. Lush addict

Hi there! 

Mire here! It feels like ages since I last posted here but as Caro said on our last post we've been quite busy during the summer, but haven't we all? 

I'm gonna talk to you about my favourite cosmetics brand: Lush. You all know I looooove trying out beauty products but there's not a brand that I love as much as  I love Lush! They've been on the bussiness for several years now and what makes them especial is that they only work with natural products. Also, they are against animal testing (which I support 100%) and collaborate with different charities. Appart from that, they only use the finest quality products but still sell them at afforable prices.

I went on a little trip to Lush in Las Arenas shopping centre in Plaza España looking for a product in particular. My hair is dark blonde but it gets way lighter during the summer with the rays and the beach and all that summery stuff, and not that September's started (I can feel you all crying and so am I) it's starting to get a bit yellow... And I definitely don't want that! That's why I bought "Daddy-O" ("El Patriarca" in Spain). It's a liquid shampoo whose main ingredients are violet and lemon. It's a violet- coloured shampoo, and it works wonders to neutralise yellow tones. It's easy to understand how this works looking at the chromatic circle:
As you see, yellow is opposite to violet so that the latter neutralises the first one. Easy peasy! It also works great for my bleached-hair beauties to forget about the brassy tone that we all get eventually! 

Needless to say it leaves my hair smelling deliciously. For me it's really important the smell of shampoos, but doesn't it piss you off when you get one that smells Lush just after shower but it disappears after like 10min? The flowers smell (hairdressers smell according to my friends) lasts on my hair for a day which makes me love it even more! 

As I was there I ask the lovely lady that attended my for a sample of their facial face mask "Cupcake". I've gotta say it's not the first time I've tried it, I've already used up two of them in the past but it is my favourite face mask EVERRRR! It smells like chocolate, like seriously, you just wanna eat it (don't do it tho, sadly it's not edible!) 

I've got combination skin and got spots in that time of the month or when I'm a tad more stressed than usual and this makes them disappear as it leaves my face oiless (if that is even a word haha). It's a natural face mask so you have to use it up before a certain expiration date and keep it in the fridge. They usually last up a good month. 

Shout out to the lovely lady that gave me a normal size instead of a sample one for free! I love you! 

That's my post for today, hope you enjoyed and definitely have a look at Lush! I usually go to the one in L'Illa shopping centre and I L O V E their staff! But I've been at the one in Las Arenas and a couple of them in London and literally all of the staff working at Lush is so lovely and always willing to help you personally but without stressing you out. 

If you don't have a local lush then you can visit their website: https://www.lush.es

Talk to yall soon! 



Saturday, 6 September 2014

4. Punk-rock-80s outfit!

Hey hey!!! Caro here! It's been a while since we don't post anything aaand we're sorry for that! Summer has kept us a bit busy but also helped us with some ideas for the blog, so here we are again!

Today I'm coming up with an outfit that I wore last summer during my holidays in Oporto, Portugal! I reckon this outfit defines me quite well, always with that punk-rock bit but never losing the girlie touch.

Creepers, duuuh! As I mentioned in some other posts, I think they are the perfect shoe for everything! So comfy and pretty as well, you can combine them with everything to go with different styles! Mine are bordeaux, I have an obsession with this color, mainly because if you wear black clothes, it gives the outfit a little bit of color but keeping it dark and the essence of it.

Shorts Levis 501, the typical vintage shorts you see in all the 80s-90s movies, photos, posters.. I think they are a must for all girls, since it suits all types of bodies! The high-waisted looks great on everyone! Either if you're slim or curvy, they will fit you perfectly! You just have to go for it! 

The necklace I'm wearing from Forever 21, everyone knows that shop! I really like everything they got but I think the jewelry is the best part! I always go for golden with my 'black-punk-rock' outfits, I think it gives the outfits a bit of a girlie touch. The triangle of course, a bit of being hipster never hurt nobody, innit? ;)

The bag is from H&M (I never fail to wear something from H&M to be honest). Really comfortable since it has two straps so you can carry it on your shoulder or on your hands! Also, quite big, always better! You never know what a girl has inside her bag.. ;)

As you may have noticed before, I really like John Lennon sunglasses! Also, on this pictures I just bought them so you can see my excitement! The truth is I always wear them, I think they give quite a cool look and combined with the Levis, absolutely vintage and 80s!

That is the outfit I wanted to show you today! I reaaally hope you like it and please share the blog! We want to reach as many people as possible! If you'd like Mire or me to do a post about something, just tell us! We'll be glad to write about things that interest you!

Once again, thank you so much for reading!!
Caro xxxxx