Saturday, 13 September 2014

5. Lush addict

Hi there! 

Mire here! It feels like ages since I last posted here but as Caro said on our last post we've been quite busy during the summer, but haven't we all? 

I'm gonna talk to you about my favourite cosmetics brand: Lush. You all know I looooove trying out beauty products but there's not a brand that I love as much as  I love Lush! They've been on the bussiness for several years now and what makes them especial is that they only work with natural products. Also, they are against animal testing (which I support 100%) and collaborate with different charities. Appart from that, they only use the finest quality products but still sell them at afforable prices.

I went on a little trip to Lush in Las Arenas shopping centre in Plaza España looking for a product in particular. My hair is dark blonde but it gets way lighter during the summer with the rays and the beach and all that summery stuff, and not that September's started (I can feel you all crying and so am I) it's starting to get a bit yellow... And I definitely don't want that! That's why I bought "Daddy-O" ("El Patriarca" in Spain). It's a liquid shampoo whose main ingredients are violet and lemon. It's a violet- coloured shampoo, and it works wonders to neutralise yellow tones. It's easy to understand how this works looking at the chromatic circle:
As you see, yellow is opposite to violet so that the latter neutralises the first one. Easy peasy! It also works great for my bleached-hair beauties to forget about the brassy tone that we all get eventually! 

Needless to say it leaves my hair smelling deliciously. For me it's really important the smell of shampoos, but doesn't it piss you off when you get one that smells Lush just after shower but it disappears after like 10min? The flowers smell (hairdressers smell according to my friends) lasts on my hair for a day which makes me love it even more! 

As I was there I ask the lovely lady that attended my for a sample of their facial face mask "Cupcake". I've gotta say it's not the first time I've tried it, I've already used up two of them in the past but it is my favourite face mask EVERRRR! It smells like chocolate, like seriously, you just wanna eat it (don't do it tho, sadly it's not edible!) 

I've got combination skin and got spots in that time of the month or when I'm a tad more stressed than usual and this makes them disappear as it leaves my face oiless (if that is even a word haha). It's a natural face mask so you have to use it up before a certain expiration date and keep it in the fridge. They usually last up a good month. 

Shout out to the lovely lady that gave me a normal size instead of a sample one for free! I love you! 

That's my post for today, hope you enjoyed and definitely have a look at Lush! I usually go to the one in L'Illa shopping centre and I L O V E their staff! But I've been at the one in Las Arenas and a couple of them in London and literally all of the staff working at Lush is so lovely and always willing to help you personally but without stressing you out. 

If you don't have a local lush then you can visit their website:

Talk to yall soon! 



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