Sunday, 21 September 2014

6. Flax & kale

Hiiiiiiiii everyone! 

Today's post is something a bit different... We'll be talking about our favourite reataurants, cafes and just appts in general, whether it's in Barcelona or other cities we visit, every once in a while.
I'm introducing you today to "flexitarianism". I know everyone knows what "vegetarianism" or "veganism" is but this term is not that known. I came across it a month ago or so, which is funny because I'm actually a flexitarian. Now you're probably wondering "what the he is that" well it's basically being a flexible vegetarian. Flexitarian people, for example, might cook only vegetarian meals at home, but eat just whatever if they go to someone else's house. Or they might be vegetarian but enjoy products from animal procedence from time to time (that's me). Long atory short: a flexitarian is a vegetarian who eats meat occasionally.
The thing is: I walked past this restaurant in one of my favourite streets of Barcelona and its massive windows and minimal decoration caught my eye straight away. So I did some research and found out all about flexitarianism, their menu and that the owners are the same ones as Teresa Carles' (one of the best and most famous veggie restaurants in Barcelona).

Appart from being a restaurant, they also sell cold-pressed juices (which are so on trend in the U.S. but barely starting to be known around here). I tried them first the other day and, oh god, I did have a hard time choosing which one I was gonna have. They're all plant-based, raw and organic, sugar-free, made out of first quality products and have amazing names. Appart from the cold-pressed juices there's also cold-pressed purees and milkshakes (which, by the way, are all dairy free, they only use their plant-based milks they make daily). After awhile I decided on a green cold-pressed juice called "Green love" and it was delicious. 

I drank it as an afternoon snack on a day I got home from work pretty late and I was soooo full! 
After such a positive experience I came back yesterday to have breakfast. I was really excited to try the açai bowl, so I did and I wasn't disappointed at all. It tasted delicious, and it got me super full but feeling good and healthy. I decided to have a dairy-free milkshake as well (its main ingredientes were raw cocoa, cashews, vanilla and coconut milk) and it was just as delicious as it sounds. 

My brother got Benedict eggs which looked amazing. Unfortunately I can't tell how they tasted as I don't like eggs but he aays they were incredible. He also had a coconut chai milkshake (which as its name says had coconut, coconut milk and all of the spices chai tea has). I did try his drink and it was a 10/10. 

After walking (A LOT!! I looooove walking!) arpund the city the whole morning we came back there for lunch. Unlike at breakfast time it was absolutely packed so we had to wait for 10 minutes before getting a table. Totally worth the wait may I say.
I had a red quinoa salad with asparagus and some other veggies for starter. 

My main course consisted on zuchini flowers (which I didn't even know existed let alone they were edible!) filled with veggies.

To drink I had a homemade beer with lemonade (ayyyy gotta love beer!).
For dessert me and my brother got a chocolate chia pudding with strawberries and blueberries.

It was all absolutely delicious! You know when you have breakfast and lunch you usually go home feeling like shit because you've indulged a lot? Well that didn't happen yesterday because it was all so effing healthy. 
Just to add up the staff are all so lovely and nice.
I totally recommend this place if you're a healthy-food junky or just enjoy quality food. The prices range from 6 to 16€ for course but it's absolutely worth it because the quality is top and ayyy you gotta treat yourself every once in a while! 
It's located in c/ Tallers, next to Plaza Catalunya so either you live in the city pr are just on holidays it's an interesting spot to visit.
This is their website in case you want to check the menu out:

Hope you enjoyed this gastronomic post, see you soon! 




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  2. looks super healthy and delicious!! YUM :)

    1. it's amazing, i'm obsessed!!!! thank you hun xx


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