Saturday, 6 September 2014

4. Punk-rock-80s outfit!

Hey hey!!! Caro here! It's been a while since we don't post anything aaand we're sorry for that! Summer has kept us a bit busy but also helped us with some ideas for the blog, so here we are again!

Today I'm coming up with an outfit that I wore last summer during my holidays in Oporto, Portugal! I reckon this outfit defines me quite well, always with that punk-rock bit but never losing the girlie touch.

Creepers, duuuh! As I mentioned in some other posts, I think they are the perfect shoe for everything! So comfy and pretty as well, you can combine them with everything to go with different styles! Mine are bordeaux, I have an obsession with this color, mainly because if you wear black clothes, it gives the outfit a little bit of color but keeping it dark and the essence of it.

Shorts Levis 501, the typical vintage shorts you see in all the 80s-90s movies, photos, posters.. I think they are a must for all girls, since it suits all types of bodies! The high-waisted looks great on everyone! Either if you're slim or curvy, they will fit you perfectly! You just have to go for it! 

The necklace I'm wearing from Forever 21, everyone knows that shop! I really like everything they got but I think the jewelry is the best part! I always go for golden with my 'black-punk-rock' outfits, I think it gives the outfits a bit of a girlie touch. The triangle of course, a bit of being hipster never hurt nobody, innit? ;)

The bag is from H&M (I never fail to wear something from H&M to be honest). Really comfortable since it has two straps so you can carry it on your shoulder or on your hands! Also, quite big, always better! You never know what a girl has inside her bag.. ;)

As you may have noticed before, I really like John Lennon sunglasses! Also, on this pictures I just bought them so you can see my excitement! The truth is I always wear them, I think they give quite a cool look and combined with the Levis, absolutely vintage and 80s!

That is the outfit I wanted to show you today! I reaaally hope you like it and please share the blog! We want to reach as many people as possible! If you'd like Mire or me to do a post about something, just tell us! We'll be glad to write about things that interest you!

Once again, thank you so much for reading!!
Caro xxxxx

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