Thursday, 26 June 2014

3. Summer outfit inspiration!

Heey everyone! 

This is my first actual post in the blog, sorry I'm writing this late but I promise to keep posting things and if I'm not, Mire is doing an excellent job around here, the first posts are amazing and really useful :)

Today I've come up with a summer outfit with some essentials I'm loving this season.

This is what I'm wearing:

Shoes- If you're into fashion you've probably seen this shoes a lot lately, they're on point! I fell in love when I saw them for the first time and as the shopaholic I am, I got a pair! Mine are from Ark clothing, an English shop. You should totally check their website, even if you're not from the UK you can get their stuff.. I got mine sent within a week! Personally, I really like their clothing and shoes line, it really is hard not to buy everything they have!
There are loads of types of these shoes, with different platforms, colours... but mine are this:

Dress- You might not believe me but I've had this dress for 6 years now! It's from Stradivarius and it's a simple little black dress. I really like it because I can wear it every season... During the winter I just put a jumper on so it looks like a skirt and during the summer I wear it simply with sandals! Also, it can be worn during the day and also to go out at night so it's a really versatile piece and kind of essential in my closet!

Kimono- My favourite thing in my closet this season, definitely! I got it as a birthday present from my girls, and it's from an English brand which we absolutely love: Missguided. They have the coolest things and as Ark, it is one of my favourite brands, you should go check their site!
During the summer I literally don't take my kimono off, I find it the most useful piece! You can wear it anytime and it gives any outfit a special touch. You can find all types of kimonos and in every colour! 
Almost every brand or shop has a pair of three different kimonos! 

Bag- My bag is from Mango. It's a simple XL black bag, a must have as well! I wear it almost everyday since everything can fit in: books and notes to go to uni, makeup purse to go out, ipad, laptops... It is really useful and it also gives a trendy touch to any outfit. It looks cool with jeans, flats and a jumper as well as with a dress, skirt... It's really versatile!

Sunglasses- The classical John Lennon sunglasses! A key part to any day outfit and a must have since... Always! Mine are fake, if we are gonna be honest here lol, but they try to be like the RayBan model, the one everyone knows:

So... Here's my post about this summer outfit! I thought I'd share it with you.. I hope you liked it and you could get some inspiration from it!

Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions on our next post, please tell us!



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