Wednesday, 15 October 2014

15. We're looking forward to...

1. Our trip to Madrid
We love Madrid and we're going back there in a few days to see one of our best friends, go to a gig and party so we can't wait! 

2. London
Caro's going to London for Halloween and I'm going there by the start of December and we're both so excited! We miss our best friend who lives there, the city and our babes in London everyday! 

3. Halloween
I personally love Halloween, and cannot wait to watch all my favourite Halloween movies, eat chestnuts and dress up! 

4. Ed Sheeran's concert
Now this is something we've been looking forward to since forever and it's happening soon! We're gonna cry our eyes out... And gonna be heart eyes emoji for a while! 

5. New tattoos
We cannot wait to get inked again! We already have our designs just gotta get the appointment... 

5. Christmas
Who doesn't love Christmas?! We know it's a pretty superficial festivity and it's all about spending money but... Who cares because we get to spend time with our families! We also love Starbucks red cups, Christmas songs, seeing the city lights and getting to eat Christmas soup!

What are you all looking forward to? What are you all doing for Halloween? Are you dressing up at all? 



  1. I love Ed Sheeran oh my god he is my favorite! I love your blog

    xx | fashion, beauty, and everything under the sun

    1. thank you lovely! it's mutual!
      ahh i'm yet to find a human being who doesn't love Ed Sheeran, he's THE man!



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