Friday, 24 October 2014

21. Autumn tag

Hi everyone!

We're currently on our train to Madrid to spend the weekend so we thought it'd be cool to upload a quick post. We found this cute tag on Ellie's blog and decided to do it!

1.  Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?
M: it's definitely the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks! So addicted! 
C: Chai tea latte, love it always!!

2.  Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?
M: mainly chunky boots and tartan scarf! Oh and hats, of course! 
C: aaalways a scarf and platform shoes!

3.  Music - what's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
M: I don't know, probably Ed Sheeran! His music makes me wanna snuggle up in a blanket and cuddle! 
C: Taylor Swift probably! I find autumn quite romantic so Taylor Swift music has to be the perfect choice :)

4.  Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?
M: I go for stronger scents than in the summer so I'd say right now it's J'adore by Dior.
C: Definitely Black XS by Paco Rabanne!

5.  Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?
M: Definitely vanilla (as usual!) and apples! 
C: Cinamon! 

6.  What do you love most about Autumn?
M: all the colours from the leaves, chestnuts and Halloween! It's just a really beautiful season! 
C: same as Mire here! Really love the colours and the weather, not too cold! Sweater weather!

7.  Favourite makeup look?
M: I love vampy lips the whole year around but I wear them basically everyday this season and I also love brown smokey eyes.
C: Black smokey eyes and nude lips! Sometimes dark lips are the perfect choice as  well though, depends on my mood!

8.  What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?
M: fall fashion and all of the concerts I'm going to! 
C: concerts and trips to Madrid which is happening this weekend and London next week!! :)


  1. Ed sheeran and Taylor swift! Loving Ed's new album and so excited for Taylors her new songs are brilliant!! Xx

    1. Hiiii!
      We're all big fans of both of them! Absolutely agree eith you lovely!


  2. Cinamon candles all the way!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Corinne x

    1. Yes they're amazing!
      Thank you darling!
      We did!



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