Sunday, 11 January 2015

46. Current obsessions

Hi everyone!
Long time, no post! We missed blogging and you all! First of all, we wanted to wish you all our fellow bloggers A HAPPY NEW YEAR FILLED WITH LOTS OF HAPPINESS, LOVE AND HEALTH! Now the new year's started we're gonna get back to blogging! We're still busy with exams but we'll get back to blogging routine soon!
How's the festivities been? Hope you all had a lovely time!
I'm gonna tell you what I'm obsessed with at the moment:

1. Music
We've been obsessed with so many songs lately but these are our favourite ones:
-Vance Joy- Riptide
-Taylor Swift- Wonderland
-Sam Hunt- Leave the night on
-Hozier- Take me to church

2. Dr. Lipp nipple balm
This is literally the BESTEST lipbalm ever!!!!! I still use EOS lipbalms on a daily basis but I'm now using this lipbalm and it's so hydrating I don't even need to reapply once! Oh, and it isn't sticky!

3. "Before I go to sleep" by S. J. Watson
I read this book like two years ago and I loved it! I've been thinking about it lots lately and I just think it's amazing and a must read if you like thrillers! I was so hooked up!

4. Fluffy everything
I love everything fluffy! From clutches to hair scrunchies and jumpers! 

5. The Originals
I used to watch The Vampire Diaries and then The Originals but the first one got boring in my opinion so I stopped watching it... And did the same with the latter for some reason! I've restarted watching it during the holidays and I'm SO HOOKED!!!!! I mean Joseph Morgan!!!!!!! Daniel Sharman!!!!!! Their accents!!!!!!!!

6. Daniel Sharman
Of course there had to be a man in this list! I was obsessed with him because of Teen Wolf but his british accent and sassiness in The Originals has just made me love him even more!

7. Candles
I've always loved candles but winter makes me wanna lit candles 24/7! I love vanilla, cinnamon and sweet-scented ones!

8. Demi wispies by Ardell false lashes
I love looooong lashes (don't we all!?) and these are my all time favourite ones! They look natural as the band is transparent and they're a bit longer on the ends which looks very femenine on!

9. Magnitone Lucid by Pixie Lott
My skin has just improved a whole lot since I started using it! I had a skin care routine before but this is just one minute and I barely get spots!

10. Lush Snowfairy shower gel
What can I say? That is my favourite shower gel EVERRRRRRR! I'm just so sad it's a Christmas limited edition so I try to stock up every year!

So this is about it! Sorry for the lack of pictures, this is just a quick post to keep this active!
So what are you obsessed with at the moment?! What are your favourite candles?

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Lots of love,



  1. Glad to see you back! Cute little post, I love sweet candles too! Fireside Treats is my fav at the mo, its marshmallows :) Happy new year! P.S. so gutted about Snow Fairy too xx

  2. Missed your Blog , Happy New Year, Great first post. xox

  3. I love Hozier! x

  4. i need to find a good book, happy you found one :D

    I would really appreciated, if we could follow each other on BL and GFC!
    Would feel very honored to welcome you as my latest follower :)
    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

  5. Great post dear♥
    Would you like to follow each other?
    I'll follow back after it!

  6. So good to see you back! Yu got me curious about Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm but geez, why the name? Nevertheless, it sounds good and I'm going to try find it here.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. I've missed you girls! So happy to see a blog post, x! I really need to get back into watching the Originals! Also, I have been loving the Demi lashes as well! So perfect and affordable! Glad to see you girls are back, :)

    Becky, xx //

  8. glad to see a post from you! <3 oh my goodness, i'm also obsessed with the Originals right now! I love it more than the Vampire Diaries now, haha. :)

  9. Sounds like you have a great taste in music! I'm obsessed with candles too, I have far more than I need!

  10. Ugh I love candles too. I just love the fire aspect of it though, because it's sort of a safe way to have a live flame in my room. I tried to set a receipt on fire a few weeks back but LET ME TELL YOU THOSE THINGS BLOW UP QUICKLY. So I'm definitely staying with candles c;

    Little Moon Elephant


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