Tuesday, 11 November 2014

34. Current obsessions

Hello yall lovely critters!

Yeat again we're with another post about our current obsessions... We're gonna try it do it monthly! We wanted to do it by the start of the month but just didn't get round to it! Hahaha Anyway, on to the beef, at the moment we're loving:

1. One Direction's "Ready to Run"
We love a bit of One Direction and this song is just insane! It sounds like "Happily" and "Strong" (which casually are our faves from their previous album) had a baby. It's got that feel-good, christmassy, indie vibe that we love with a bit of acoustic guitar and it just puts us in a great mood. To add up the lyrics are so damn beautiful!

2. Taylor Swift's "1989"
We've always loved Taylor and we weren't too keen on this musical change and on her going all 80's pop but we're actually loving it! "Blank space", "Style", "I wish you would"... We just can't pick a favourite! Such an amazing album with relatable lyrics and catchy melodies to dance to! Girl power!

3. Rimmel's Lasting Finish Foundation
We're both using it at the moment and we love it! It gives you a medium coverage and stage in place all day (we do use powder though) and leaves our skin looking flawless! We'll be repurchasing!

4. Pomegranate
It is such a drag having to peel it off, but oh boy, does it pay off! We love having it with yogurt for breakfast, or alone/with other fruits as an afternoon snack or putting it on our salads! It is delicious and antioxidant!

5. Dirty Burger
This UK burger restaurants' chain is just so good! If you love a good burger then just go for it!

6. Superdrug's 3x2 deal
Isn't it amazing walking into Superdrug with 22 pounds and coming out with 6 products?! We think it's the perfect opportunity to cross things out of our wish lists! Unfortunately, it's ending this month, so hurry up and grab some bits and bobs, don't miss out!

7, Jeffrey Campbell's SIGLING booties
These are very similar to the Doc Marten's but with a very chunky sole and Caro needs to get her hands on them... NOW! They're so rock'n'roll and cool!

8. Channel-like backpacks
We both own one of these backpacks... They're perfect for someone who's always carrying lots of stuff around like us but still wanna look classy!

Now again we both have instant cameras and we love them little polaroids!

10. Frank from How To Get Away With Murder
If you watch the show you'll probs agree with us... Thanks Frank for providing us eye candy on every single episode! We just recently found out he was on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but he looks so different with the beard! HOTNESS! 

11. Vita Coco
Caro doesn't like coconut but I (Mire) absolutely love it and find this the bestest way to stay hydrated! It's so yummy and I love the pineapple one... Unreal!

12. Ribena
We're both obsessed! We like every. single. flavour and try to stock up everytime we're in the UK! And now the temperatures keep dropping we like it hot!

13. Jerome Jarre
He's gotta be our favourite international viner! That strong french accent and smile just make our heart warm! We just can't not laugh at his crazy vines, he's just so outgoing, funny and positive and loves to see people smiling!

She's our favourite youtuber and blogger ever! She's so inspirational and funny and we just absolutely love her! And her style is so so on point! Ahhh!

15. Oxblood
This is our favourite colour apart from black and the fact that it goes with the season is just amazing! We love burgundy lips, boots, clothes, accesories... Just everything! And if it's also velvetty it's a win-win!

What are you obsessed with at the moment?

-Caro & Mire

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  1. I am obsessed with Taylor's new album!! x


  2. Superdrug's 3x2 deal or going to make me run out of money, it makes everything so much cheaper!! xx


    1. Right? Best opportunity to buy everything you want but just never get round to!


  3. Pomegranates are the most fun but most frustrating fruit! There always get everywhere!

    I really want to get a hold of Taylors new album!

    Corinne x

    1. Totally! We sometimes cheat and buy the seeds so we don't have to peel it hahah


  4. ONE DIRECTIONNNNNNNNNNNNN, 1D 1D 1D . Love them hehe. Taylor Swift is okay too hehe .
    I was buzzing in Superdrug the other day when I got my nail polish for free on the 3 for 2 haha. it's like written everywhere in the store but I didn't notice. :)
    Ribena is and has always been amazing I also love Capri sun hehe. xox


    1. Who doesn't love 1D innit?! ahhh
      We like Capri Sun too!!


  5. Half of these are my obsessions too at the moment! I just picked up the Rimmel Lasting Foundation at Superdrug (3 for 2 bargain), I love it! I've been loving a nude lip this week, which is new for me ha! xx

    1. Ahhh that's because great minds think alike ;)
      Wowowo we're sure you look gorgeous with the nude lip!


  6. Looove TSwifts new album - it is so so good. I love me some pomegranate too, I'm usually lazy and just buy the packs of pomegranate seeds rather than the whole fruit! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ahh we kinda cheat and do that sometimes too! It's way better hahah


  7. I have been listening to Tay Tay's new album a lot too. Blank Space is so damn catchy!
    I cannot believe I'm missing the 3 for 2 this Autumn. Why can't Canada have the same deal going on?!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

    1. We are OBSESSED with Blank Space! And the video is genious!!!!! (not to mention the outfits and the boy!!)
      Ahh we don't have it in Spain either, but we stock up when going to London! Wish you had it in Canada though!



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