Monday, 10 November 2014

33. Magnitone Q&A with Pixie Lott

Hi everyone! 

 It's Mire here! So, in case you didn't already know I absolutely love Pixie Lott, so I was absolutely over the moon when I was selected to be one of the 200 bloggers to "attend" their exclusive broadcast Q&A session with her. In it, she talked about the product and answered a few questions. 

I will do a post about the product itself since it'll be home with me in a few days and I wanna do a review post and talk further about it. Here's what Pixie answered to our questions: 

  -Why did you decide to work with Magnitone? 
I wanted to spread a positive message among young girls because it's important to be confident, and having glowy skin can give you confidence. 

-Is the Lucid soft for sensitive skin? 
As its bristles are rounded it's especially gentle on the skin, even more than using the hands as it doesn't rubb it. It's got a 1 minute timer so it turns off after a minute, that way it's impossible to overuse it and it can't damage your skin.

-How has Magnitone changed your skin?
It just looks way healthier and it makes putting make up on in the mornings a lot easier as my skin is so soft. It's so easy and quickly to use which is perfect for me as I don't really have much time.

-What is your skin care cleansing routine?
I use the Lucid Magnitone and my usual cleanser. I always rely on the same products as they're really good on my skin. I use it morning as normal cleansing and evening as deep cleansing as I wear lots of makeup on a daily basis.

-What is one beauty product you cannot live without?
(there's quite a long discussion about mascaras, lip balms and other products) probably moisturizer, don't you agree?

-Do you have makeup free days?
Yes, not too often but I love them! If I want a light coverage I use light foundations with no impurities or tinted moisturizers.

-What are your top skincare tips?
It's true what everyone says, it's really important to remove your makeup properly before going to bed, and especially not to use face wipes! Using the Lucid only takes one minute and you get a deep cleanse so there's no excuses!

-What's in your beauty bag?
From memory I know I have my favourite Benefit highlighter which I know I can always rely on to give me that healthy glow.

-Does Oliver like you made up or natural?
(She laughed) Well he always says he prefers me with less make up on but I just look so rough in the morning when I just woke up and put on my glasses so I don't really know if he's just being nice!

-Who was your fashion/beauty guru inspiration when growing up?
Good question! I love everything from the 60's so I love Brigitte Bardott and Edie Segwick, I loved her quirky eyes and just their makeup and hair and fashion in general! However, as a young child I thought Britney Spears was so beautiful! Hahah

-What's your biggest beauty tip?
Don't overuse powder!

-What's your must have skin care product whilst travelling?
Appart from the Magnitone of course (laughs) I don't know, probably a lip balm! I like applying it first thing in the morning, especially during the winter as my lips get dry!

-What's your biggest beauty extravagance?
I absolutely love pamper sessions and spa days, they make you feel so much better, it's so good!

-What helps you build your confidence?
There's a lot of things that influence in that! Being with my friends, wearing a little black dress, nice shoes, good hair and makeup days and if I'm feeling comfortable in myself!

-Who are/were your music inspirations/infuences?
I've always loved big female voices so I love big vocalists especially from the Motown, like Whitney, Mariah and Celine Dion.

-To end up with... Do you think you'll win Strictly Come Dancing?
(laughs) I wish I knew! I hope so!

That was it! It was such a lovely broadcast experience and I really enjoyed! Thank you to Magnitone and Pixie Lott for this massive opportunity!

What are your main beauty and skin care tips?




  1. This sounds amazing! Love to try it and get questions!

    1. Ahh it does! I'll be posting a review as soon as I get it!


  2. i wanna try this product :)

  3. What an amazing opportunity xox

  4. Nice post! I currently use a Clarisonic which is amazing but so expensive! Luckily my sister bought it for me haha!

    Chione XX

    1. Ahh I know the Clarisonic! I think this one's similar, I haven't tried any of them yet though! hahah lucky you your sister's pretty cool!


  5. I have the original one of this and I love it! I'm not sure what the difference is between this one and the one I have.


    1. I think the difference is just mainly the design! Ahh cannot wait to try mine out!


  6. What an amazing experience! Congrats!!
    Nelly O|

    1. I'm still over the moon and super happy! Thanks hun!


  7. this sounds interesting, we've never tried anything like this. maybe it's time we invested in one.

    M + K

    1. I'll be posting a review on it when I try to let yall know how it works for me but I think it sounds great!



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